Alnwick Cemetery

About the cemetery

Alnwick Cemetery was opened in 1856, for the people of Alnwick and Denwick to lay to rest their loved ones. The tree planting was on a grand scale, and the mature trees we see today lend an air of grace, dignity and serenity to the Cemetery, which is very much appreciated by those who wish to be buried here and by those who visit the Cemetery.

Alnwick Cemetery Entrance

The cemetery is owned and managed by Alnwick Town Council and supported by the residents of Alnwick. You can visit the cemetery 7 days a week, between 8am and dusk.



Guidelines for Alnwick Cemetery can be downloaded at Alnwick Cemetery Guidelines 2019-20



Purchasing plots

You can purchase family or individual plAlnwick Cemeteryots in both the old and new parts of the Cemetery, as well as plots for ashes in the north east corner.


Plots can also be purchased in the Natural Burial area. Please contact us to obtain further details.


Costs for plots and other fees are given on Alnwick Cemetery fees and Charges 2021-22


Chapel of RestAlnwick Cemetery Chapel of Rest

The Chapel of Rest is available for Burial or Memorial Services by the families of the deceased of all religious faiths and none. There is a charge for use of the Chapel.


Charges for use of the Chapel are given in the Cemetery Fees and Charges document.


Natural burials

We are now offering natural burials in a small area at the top of the main avenue and there is enough space for around 40 burials.


In a natural burial there is no headstone and each grave is marked with a stone (provided by Alnwick Cemetery).  A small tree or shrub will be planted in an area against the boundary wall of the burial area. The body is not embalmed and coffins should be made of bio-degradable materials to afford as natural a return to the earth as possible.



Guidelines for Alnwick cemetery’s Natural Burial area can be downloaded at Alnwick Cemetery Natural Burial Guidelines 2019-20

Costs for natural burials can be found in the Cemetery Fees and Charges document.


Friends of Alnwick Cemetery

You can help us maintain this important community asset by becoming a Friend of Alnwick Cemetery.  We are also developing a new burial area to the west of the existing cemetery to use when the current burial areas become full. You can also help us here by planting trees, shrubs and hedging.


We have regular workdays to keep the cemetery tidy, undertake new planting and make it a more wildlife-friendly space.


To find out more, contact us using the Contact Information on the right.


Cemetery Records

The Lodge Office contains comprehensive records of the people buried in Alnwick Cemetery.  You can request a search of the register (by post), or can arrange to search in person. Please note that because of the delicate condition of some of the records, an unaccompanied search of the registers is not permitted.


Search fees are given on can be found in the Cemetery Fees and Charges document.


To arrange a search please contact us using the Contact Information on the right hand side of this page.


Where to find us

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Funeral Directors in Alnwick

Alistair Turner – Garden Lodge, Greenwell Road, Alnwick, NE66 1HB

01665 510 699



Co-operative Funeral Care – Memorial House, Fenkle Street, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1HR

01665 602 328