May 2021 – April 2022

Council and committee meetings are now being held at St James’s Church Centre in Pottergate.


Members of the public who wish to ask a question should email their question to by 5.00pm the day before the relevant meeting.


Copies of Agendas and Minutes for Full Council meetings and Committee meetings are available by clicking on the relevant heading below. (Documents will open in a new window). If you want access to agendas or minutes further back than May 2011 please contact us.


You can use the Search box to type what you’re after. For example type Planning and you’ll get a list of all the Agendas and Minutes for the Planning Committee; type October and you’ll get a list all the Agendas and Minutes for meetings that took place in that month.


Full Council May 20th 20216.30pmAgendaMinutes
Full CouncilJune 10th 20216.30pmAgendaMinutes
Planning, Highways and TransportJune 17th 20217.00pmAgendaMinutes
Finance & PolicyJuly 1st 20217.00pmAgendaMinutes
Planning, Highways and TransportJuly 8th 20216.00pmAgendaMinutes
Full Council July 8th 20217.00pmAgendaMinutes
Recreation & AmenitiesJuly 15th 20217.00pmAgendaMinutes
CemeteryJuly 22nd 20216.00pmAgenda
Recreation & AmenitiesAugust 5th 20216.30pmAgenda
Full Council August 12th 20217.00pmAgenda
Planning, Highways and TransportAugust 19th 20216.30pmAgenda
Finance & PolicyAugust 26th 20217.00pmAgenda
Planning, Highways and TransportSept 9th 20216.00pmAgenda
Full CouncilSept 9th 2021 7.00pmAgenda
Recreation & AmenitiesSept 23rd 20216.30pmAgenda
Full CouncilOctober 14th 20216.30pmAgenda
Planning, Highways and TransportOctober 21st 20216.30pmAgenda
CemeteryOctober 28th 20216.00pmAgenda
Finance & PolicyOctober 28th 20217.00pmAgenda
Full CouncilNovember 11th 20217.00pmAgenda
Recreation & AmenitiesNovember 18th 20216.30pmAgenda