Published on 03.03.2023

Alnwick Story Fest organiser praises local support

The organiser of Alnwick Story Fest has praised the town for backing the recent event which was a celebration of words, books and film held over three days in venues across Alnwick.

Suzy Walker (left) said “What a fun, inspiring and hugely enjoyable event. I was so delighted that the whole town got behind us – from the shops and cafes to our brilliant local authors to all the venues around town. Deeply moved and cheered by the support of the volunteers who have worked tirelessly for weeks. I hope we have put Alnwick on the map as the ‘story town of the north’ Alnwick is definitely the place where stories come to life!”


These sentiments were echoed by Alnwick Town Mayor Geoff Watson: “The Alnwick Story Fest has been a tremendous success with activities across the Town and in the Alnwick Garden drawing in a significant number of visitors. I was particularly pleased to meet the Italian author, Annabella Baker at the Alnwick Lions Bookshop who gave a fascinating insight into her writing and publishing experiences. The organisers of the Alnwick Story Fest deserve a great deal of credit for all their hard work and we are looking forward to making this an annual event to keep Alnwick firmly on the literary map.”

It was a casual comment by fellow councillor Lynda Wearn that sparked the idea of the festival: “From a kernel of an idea and a throwaway remark in a local pub to the most amazing event just one year later.  Congratulations must go to the enthusiastic Suzy Walker and her team, who took up the mantle and have produced such a high class festival.”

“This event has brought the town together with many businesses involved giving their time, venues and bringing their own enthusiasm.  Not only was it big, bigger than ever first imagined but the calibre of speakers was unbelievable.  From the Assistant Director of Dungeons and Dragons, BBC producer Liz Allard, award winning travel writer Michael Booth to mention only a few to our own brilliant local authors such as Anne Cleeves, LJ Ross  and Dan Robinson. It’s hard to pick out this half dozen from the 39 events that took place ranging from a day for children to the environment; it was absolutely marvellous to put Alnwick on the literary map.”

“I too would like to thank the team, all the organisations who made their venues available, all the businesses who took part and most of all the people of Alnwick and beyond who came, played and enjoyed the festival.”

Pictures courtesy of Jim Donnelly/anaXa Images