Published on 25.06.2022

Alnwick Town Council supports the aims of the What a Wonderful World Festival

Alnwick Town Council is keen to support the aims of the What a Wonderful World Festival that is taking place at Alnwick Playhouse this weekend.

Through music, dance, science and debate, festival organisers are raising awareness of environmental issues and celebrating Planet Earth.

Councillor Peter Edge, Chair of Alnwick Town Council’s environment advisory group said, “The time has now come for everyone and every organisation to do their bit and I fully support the aims of this festival in making us all consider the environment.”

“Everyone can do something.”

“Alnwick Town Council has formed a plan to assess and reduce its own emissions and work with others across the town to do the same.”

‘We have insulated some of our buildings and changed our old fluorescent lightbulbs to much more efficient LEDs. We are improving the biodiversity of areas of green space within Alnwick by tree planting; last year we planted over 160 standard cherry trees and we will continue to do this.”

“Alnwick Cemetery contains some of the oldest trees in the town and it was devastating to see the damage caused by Storm Arwen but we have replanted and must wait for nature to do its bit.”

“ We plan to take over the management of the old Thomas Percy school site to maintain and improve biodiversity. We offer grants to local groups who wish to undertake environmental work.”

“We know that more needs to be done and are keen to hear from and work with local residents who share our aims’

Peter continued ‘One of the best ways to save money at the moment is to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Alnwick. There has never been a better time to insulate and look again in your own loft, check for drafts, change light bulbs and see if you can claim grants for energy efficiency improvements.’

“There is wealth of information available and below are some links that I hope residents will find useful.”

If you live in an historic building there is focussed advice and information provided by Alnwick Civic Society;

Further information about improving the energy efficiency of your home and saving money can be found from the Energy Saving Trust and from the Citizens Advice Bureau (

Check out the information available through Northumberland County Council:

There is also an immediate local cost of living crisis though as highlighted by Friends of the Earth fuel poverty campaign

Pictured: Some of the cherry trees that have been planted in Alnwick and, inset, Councillor Peter Edge