Published on 13.01.2023

Council grants aid Warm Space provision in Alnwick

Alnwick Town Council has awarded three grants to organisations in Alnwick that are providing Warm Spaces.

Town Mayor, Councillor Geoff Watson said “The Council felt it was very important to support grant applications from Warm Spaces which are helping people struggling with energy costs and those looking for safe and social environments. Alnwick is fortunate to have so many community-minded groups that have created such spaces.”

“I was delighted to visit Alnwick Youth Hostel to see what they are offering and was impressed with what is available.”

Youth Hostel Deputy Manager Kirsten Scott said “We are thankful for the Alnwick Town Council £800 grant that enables us to offer soup and a roll along with a hot drink and biscuits from 11am to 2pm on Fridays. We also have a selection of boardgames for visitors to enjoy.”

Pictured left: Youth Hostel Deputy Manager Kirsten Scott and Alnwick Town Mayor, Councillor Geoff Watson at Alnwick Youth Hostel.


A £1000 grant was given to Mind and Sole on Wagonway Road. The community mental health hostel is already a popular meeting space for local groups as founder Chrissy Smith explained: “The grant we have received from the Council enables us to offer Warm Space between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Basically, if our door is open, a Warm Space is available along with hot drinks and biscuits, magazines, board games and craft activities. And there is always someone to talk to.”

Councillor Dianne Watson visited Mind and Sole to meet Chrissy and other members and was encouraged to hear how the scheme was being received. She said, “This is a lovely cosy space and everyone is very welcoming – it is reassuring to see that the Council grant is providing such a worthwhile service.”

Pictured above: Mind and Sole founder Chrissy Smith with Alnwick Town Councillor Dianne Watson


Alnwick Town Council also awarded £1000 to Alnwick Playhouse to enable them to offer a Warm Space. This operates in the upstairs bar area during the Playhouse’s opening hours and provides hot drinks, biscuits and boardgames.

Chair of the Playhouse board Chris Sayers commented “Community is an integral part of everything we do here, and we are pleased to be helping local people who are struggling with the current cost of living issues.

Councillor Alan Symmonds added “The value of Warm Spaces cannot be overestimated and the Playhouse offers a wonderful bar area, a free art gallery and of course the library is just downstairs here which is very convenient.”

Pictured above: Chair of Alnwick Playhouse board Chris Sayers with Alnwick Town Councillor Alan Symmonds in the bar of Alnwick Playhouse which is designated as a Warm Space.

If you are involved in an organisation that is offering a Warm Space you are welcome to apply for an Alnwick Town Council grant via the website HERE

To view a list of all the Warm Spaces in Alnwick follow the link HERE