Published on 22.09.2020

Do you want faster Broadband?

Alnwick Town Council, Northumberland County Council and Alnwick Chamber of Trade are looking into securing grant funding to enable faster broadband for the town.

An important part of the case for grant funding is to show that current broadband speeds in Alnwick are detrimentally slow. To enable us to do this it would very helpful if you could take the time to answer a few questions about your current broadband provision as this will help us to prove to the grant funders that Alnwick suffers from poor broadband provision.  Just send the answers to the questions below to

Alnwick Town Council faster broadband

Your postcode (not compulsory if you don’t wish to provide this):

What is the average Broadband speed you receive?

What you pay per month for your present broadband service (give an approximate if unsure):

  • £10 – £20
  • £21 – £30
  • £31 – £40
  • Over £40

Your Data allowance per month:

  • Fixed
  • Unlimited

Includes Mobile phone(s)? (Yes/No)

Fixed term with current Broad band deal:

Deal end date