Published on 23.05.2023

Introducing our new councillors…

Alnwick Town Council formally welcomed three new councillors at their recent Annual Meeting.

Representing the Hotspur Ward, Chrissy Smith is known to many Alnwick residents as the founder of Mind and Sole which helps people with mental health and wellbeing. Alongside fellow directors and volunteers it is where she aims to create a safe and positive space for the local community.

Chrissy, who is married to Stuart and has three children says: “I want to serve as a councillor to be able to offer lots more help to the Alnwick community and surrounding areas. We live in a brilliant town which I am very lucky to be born and bred in and now it’s time to give something back. I am really looking forwards to this new adventure.”

Married couple Jenny and Mick Garside both represent Clayport Ward.

Mike’s work history includes being employed in the energy industry  and also being self-employed. Now retired he feels it is time to give something back to the local community. Mike, who is 67, commented “Although I originate from north of the border, Alnwick is now the place I’m proud to call home and I want to be actively involved and do my bit for the town. It’s a great place to be!”

Jenny, who is 61 and has a background as a graphic designer and the construction industry, previously lived in London saying: “Moving to Alnwick was a big leap of faith and it has not disappointed. Since being here I have noticed how pleasant and friendly everyone has been and this has enabled me to settle in Alnwick very easily and makes me feel that I would like to give something back as well as being more involved in local matters. For twenty years I was in the Guide Movement and for part of that time a District Commissioner, so I  know how rewarding it is to be involved in the area where you live.”

Pictured: Chrissy Smith, Jenny Garside, Mike Garside.