Published on 23.11.2022

New councillor Bruce joins the Alnwick Town Council team

Alnwick Town Council recently welcomed a new councillor to the fold…

Bruce Hewison fully understands what the role entails as this is the second time he has been a councillor, this time representing the Hotspur Ward.

Having run a successful guest house in Alnwick with his wife since 2004, he has a keen interest in tourism, local history and the environment.

In 1998 Bruce set up the first Tourism Association in the then Alnwick District for Rothbury and Coquetdale and in 2004 he was asked to set up a similar Association for Alnwick and the coast and formed Alnwick Tourism Association, and developed the ‘district wide’ website, which still exists to promote tourism to the Alnwick area.

Bruce now feels the time is right to return to the Council, saying: “I am keen to see Alnwick thrive, I want job opportunities to grow and livelihoods to be protected. I really care about Alnwick and its future and with my fellow councillors want to help keep it the special place we know it is.”