Published on 19.01.2022

Storm Arwen update

At Thursday’s meeting of Alnwick Town Council members were keen to praise the local community for their continued response following Storm Arwen.

Town Mayor Lynda Wearn thanked the many volunteers who helped clear the roads and came to the aid of residents in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

Cllr Beth Gascoigne-Owens asked about assistance for residents in less affluent areas of the town who were struggling to clear debris.

Cllr Sue Allcroft commended the local services team for their work in the clear-up operation. Cllr Gordon Castle added that the team was currently short-staffed because of the Covid situation and hoped that the public would show patience and understanding.

Cllr Castle also gave information about Northumberland County Council’s Storm Arwen task group which will look at the county council’s response. Residents and businesses are invited to send their testimonies about the storm and their recovery process to