The Mayor

The current Mayor of Alnwick is Councillor Lynda Wearn and the Deputy Mayor is Councillor Julia Lyford.

Mayor Councillor Lynda Wearn

Lynda Wearn

The positions of Mayor and Deputy are filled by election at the annual meeting of the Council in May and both Lynda and Julia were elected as Mayor and Deputy Mayor for 2021/20 at the Annual Meeting in May 2021.


The Mayor has the following roles and functions:

  1. Being Mayor is a civic ceremonial role, and the Mayor is regarded as the first citizen of the town, and is the main spokesperson for the Council 
  2. The Mayor also presides at the annual full Council meeting and chairs the monthly Council meetings.  The Deputy Mayor acts as Vice-Chairperson at council meetings.


The Mayor also nominates an annual charity; and this year Lynda has chosen Talking Matters, a charity which deals with mental health issues in North Northumberland including Alnwick. The money collected at the Civic Carol Service in December and other civic events will be presented to the charity by the Mayor.



If you would like the Mayor to attend an event please contact the Town Clerk using the Contact Information on the right or send an invitation to The Mayor, Alnwick Town Council, Council Offices, Greenwell Lane, Alnwick NE66 1HB.