Town Council working to safely reopen Alnwick’s Bike Track and play areas

Following recent government guidance, Alnwick Town Council is working to ensure the safe reopening of the town’s play areas and the Bike Track.


The news that the Council will be allowed to start reopening play areas from July 4th is greatly welcomed but residents need to be patient a little longer as the Council works hard to risk assess all play areas and to undertake the appropriate works required to make areas as safe as possible for all, it’s not simply a case of taking down “closed” signs.


The government guidance being followed is complex and involves risk assessments of all play areas so that users are protected as much as possible. The Council has nine play area facilities and each one brings slightly different challenges in ensuring they can re-open safely so it is not a straightforward or quick thing to do.


Due to the scale of the task and the time needed to carry out thorough risk assessments we may need to reopen facilities on a phased basis. You may want to check with the Town Council first that a play area or the bike track is open by calling 01665 602574 or checking on this website.


Many children across the town have greatly missed using our play areas and the bike track. The Town Council would like to thank everyone for adhering to government advice and for respecting the closures that have had to be put in place.


However, anyone with any symptoms should be following government guidelines and remain at home.

We are working to ensure users of the play areas will be as safe as possible against the risk of the coronavirus by adhering to all the necessary prevention and protection measures. It is important that users follow our guidance and use the areas responsibly, so everyone can enjoy them.  Users need to keep a distance from other users and parents should take responsibility for their children and ensure they play apart from others, are respectful of queues for play equipment and play considerately by not hogging equipment that others are waiting for.


Food will not be allowed in or around the play areas and all users, including children, will need to remember to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser after using the equipment; it would be helpful if parents and guardians bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them to the play areas.


GOV.UK regulations prohibit the gathering of more than 6 people in an area: Notices will be put on all play areas to remind people to maintain social distancing. Advisory maximum number of users per enclosed playground will be specified.


Litter bins are provided in the play areas where tissues, etc. can be disposed of safely. Notices at each play area will remind people to dispose of rubbish sensibly.


The Council particularly asks that users following the guidelines below:

•       Users must be under 14 years only

•       There will be a maximum number of users in one play area at any one time; please check the play area signage

•       A maximum of 1 family member can accompany 1 child

•       Please retain 1m distance from other users e.g. pushing swings

•       To enable as many children as possible to use the equipment please limit use to 20 minutes

•       Use of hand sanitiser gel or wipes is advised when using the equipment

•       When using equipment do not touch your face

•       Consumption of food and drink within play areas is not permitted

•       Please use bins provided or take litter home


For further information contact Alnwick Town Council on 01665 602574 or by email at