Published on 25.06.2022

Harley Davidsons drive into town…

The wonderful sound of  Harley Davidson motorbikes reverberated around Alnwick town centre today as The Geordie Chapter rode into town as part of its annual “ABC” charity ride.

112 Harley Davidsons  parked up in Bondgate Within and the public were welcome to view the impressive bikes and show support for the biker’s charity collections.

No one was more delighted to see them than Alnwick Town Mayor Geoff Watson, himself a biker in his younger days.

“It was a wonderful sight – and sound” he said. “It reminded me of many happy times when myself and my wife Dianne would head out on the open road  on our bike. It was great to see so many people waiting for them to appear and hopefully the bikers will have collected a good amount of money for charity.”

Photographs by Tim Kirton and Lynda Wearn