Supporting Community Groups


The aims of the Alnwick Town Council Grant system

To support voluntary and community groups/organisations to deliver activity that will make an impact within the town.
To support one-off initiatives that are seen as valuable to the town.
To provide an easily accessible process of funding support.

Who can apply?

The scheme is open to any voluntary/community or not-for-profit groups or organisations (including charities) based in or predominantly serving Alnwick.

What can be applied for?

Grants are given to support any activity to benefit the community that takes place in the town. The following conditions and tests will be applied:

  • The majority of people benefiting from the project should be from Alnwick.
  • Retrospective applications cannot be considered.
  • No grant will be given to applicants who are looking for funding which will then be used to offer grants to other organisations or individuals.

When can applications be made?

Applications for General and Environmental grants in 2022/23 will be considered at our Finance Committee in October 2022 and, if budgets permit, further grant application will be considered at the February 2023 Finance & Policy meeting.

Applications for Event grants will be considered by our Recreation & Amenities Committee which meets 4 times a year. To allow time for processing and evaluation, all applications should be submitted at least 3 months before
the event is due to take place.

Urgent applications can be considered at our monthly meetings should all councillors agree and if there is sufficient budget remaining.

How will applications be assessed?

Each application will be submitted on a simple standardised application form. Additional information may be provided to support the application if appropriate. Financial information must be submitted with all grant applications.

The application for grants/funding will be considered on its merits and assessed against the following criteria:

  • The benefits to the community of Alnwick are clear
  • The applicant group/organisation is able to demonstrate their ability to deliver activity successfully
  • Financial need and sound financial management is demonstrated: You should submit details of all significant income and outgoings for your last financial year (for example recent accounts or other financial statements).