Twins Towns

Alnwick's Twin Towns

Alnwick Town Council is twinned with three other European towns; Lagny-sur-Marne in France, 
Voerde in Germany & Time Kommune in Norway.



This ancient French town lies 26 miles east of Paris and has a population of 20,000. The River Marne flows through the town which is full of charming old buildings and squares.

Originally twinned with Alnwick District Council in 1971, yearly youth exchanges continue and civic visits by the Mayors of the two towns continue.



Situated in the north west of Germany alongside the River Rhine, this town has been twinned with Alnwick since 1979.

The Friends of Voerde make frequent exchanges with their counterparts The Friends of Alnwick whilst the Burgermeister and members of Stadt Voerde make regular civic visits to Alnwick.

There is also a strong link between the firemen of both towns.


Time Kommune

This largely agricultural town, is in the south west of Norway about 20 miles south of Stavanger. The County has no border with the sea and half of its population of 12,600 live in the town of Bryne, the centre for Time Kommune.

Twinned with Alnwick in 1986, Youth Exchanges have taken place and Alnwick District Guides have strong links with Bryne Scouts. There is a Friends of Bryne in Alnwick and regular visits take place to Bryne to celebrate Norway’s National Day on May 17th.



Alnwick also has another Twining with the township of Alnwick/Haldimand in Northumberland, Ontario, Canada.

This is a historical and cultural twinning arrangement.